It always starts with a business model! The present! The one, that always needs to be checked to see whether it is unique enough!? Unique enough, to make even the day after tomorrow to be there! If the customer’s daily  reward this uniqueness – or not!

We will review with you the nine blocks of each business model:

  • customer segments
  • value propositions
  • channels
  • customer relationships
  • revenue streams
  • key resources
  • key activities
  • key partnerships
  • cost structure

We confront your current business model to a projected timeline with the challenging forces:

  • business
  • market
  • society
  • trends

We reflect the results with you against the four perspectives:

  • strengths
  • weaknesses
  • opportunities
  • threats

We will find the answer to the four key issues important factors:

  • eliminate
  • raise
  • reduce
  • create

And then it’s ready! The positioning, that takes you into the future! And along the way we will not leave you alone!

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