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16th October 2015:

360° WIRKSAMKEIT moves to the Flechtheimspeicher and expands its offers

Only ten months after founding the 360​​° WIRKSAMKEIT GmbH has established its business successful, ocusing on the strategic positioning of companies in the interior, wood, soil and building materials industry, structuring and restructuring, internationalization and lasting innovation and brand management. Meanwhile, the company is increasingly professionalized. To match this, the offices of the 360 ​​° WIRKSAMKEIT GmbH moved into the historic Flechtheimspeicher in emerging Münster’s waterfront in October. The office, which is located on the third floor in a prime location, offers an exclusive view on the Kreativkai, the attractive harborside in Muenster.

Right now, Volkmar Halbe expands the business activities. And so he established the now 360 ° MANAGEMENT GROUP. This group is a cooperation of consulting offers with top minds in the industry. As a first partnership, Dr. Ronald Wimmer – an experienced and well-known recruiting consultant, joint the company. In the new 360° FÜHRUNGSKRÄFTE Gesellschaft für wirksames Personalmanagement, whith Dr. Ronald Wimmer and Volkmar Halbe as shareholders, services on the subject of “human resources management” are offered. The managing director of the new company, which has its headquarters in Münster, is Dr. Ronald Wimmer.

2nd April 2015:

Volkmar Halbe is now member of the Institut für grenzüberschreitende Restrukturierung der FH Kufstein

Volkmar Halbe, managing partner of 360° WIRKSAMKEIT Gesellschaft für erfolgreiches Management mbH, is now a member of the Institut für grenzüberschreitende Restrukturieung der Fachhochschule Kufstein. The device is an interdisciplinary platform of corporate restructuring and rehabilitation for experience, training, research and networking.

Led by Prof. Dr. Markus W. Exler the Institute stands for

• the development of industry standards in cooperation with existing organizations in the industry,

• offering concrete solutions and recommendations that can be implemented within the existing German and Austrian restructuring and insolvency law,

• the publication of research results or best-practice solutions,

• the development of certification standards and vocational education and training and

• the organization of an annual conference to promote cross-border restructuring dialogue.

Share experiences and visiting professor at Dubai, Singapore, India, Sweden and Holland uses the Institute to steadily develop an internationally appealing knowledge and experience exchange focusing turnaround, restructuring and reorganization at the level of management and interim management.

Prof. Exler is also the author and editor of numerous publications in this field.

19th March 2015:

Volkmar Halbe in the expert dialog

Volkmar Halbe, managing partner of 360 ° WIRKSAMKEIT GmbH, was recently participant in a high-caliber panel discussion at the 10th International Congress of the sawmill- and timber-association, which was held in Darmstadt on 16 and 17 March 2015. Lars Schmidt, chief executive of the organizing association sawmill and timber e.V. and moderator of the round, had the question “The successful distribution channel: brokers, trade or own employees” provided in the room. In conclusion an exciting discussion was the bottom line, that the problem-solving skills in the sales process becoming the decisive component – and the nature of the employment relationship is secondary. Not clearly the future role of online marketing in the context of sawmill products was discussed. The Congress was attended by about 350 participants.

5th March 2015:

taskforce-Statement from Volkmar Halbe: “The Interim Manager in rescue operation – if focus on results, reliability and confidence are indispensable”

Nearly every company can suddenly come in a threatening situation: Realignment, restructuring, turnaround usually come much faster than might have been predicted shortly before. If, however, potential for success, assets and/or liquidity deteriorate dramatically, it depends primarily on rapid and effective action.

Whether you are a CEO, CFO or CRO – Interim Manager take responsibility in such situations immediately. Your task is, without detours to stabilize the position of the company to make it return-on this basis and establish competitive. Often already are restructuring plans in which the causes of the crisis outlined mapped out the Restrukturierungsweg and measures are named, their consistent implementation then pending. Increasingly, the interim manager is already involved but in the identification phase of the renovation. Its distance to the “history” as the “internal politics” of the company, its mission and cross-industry experience and the familiar use of scarce time budgets and high pressure of expectation are key success factors. Professional interim managers come quickly “to the point” and take the necessary measures to immediately. This includes, of course, the negotiations with internal and external stakeholders. Therefore is the good news: “A CRO never comes alone – with it comes the hope” as once wrote Harvard Business Manager.


10th February 2015:

taskforce at the “Summit of World Leaders”

Under the motto “Future viability – realize growth potential – learn from the best” took place from 27 to 29 January 2015 the exclusive “Summit of World Leaders” in Schwäbisch Hall instead of first class speakers gave views in an increasingly networked and digitized future. Volkmar Halbe, Associate Manager of the taskforce – management on Demand AG, is pleased with the participation of the company. This groundbreaking event for the fifth time brought together many top managers of the most successful German medium-sized enterprises as well as high-ranking politicians in Schwäbisch Hall. The taskforce AG went with the full management on board, to discuss issues such as skills shortages, cost pressures through the energy transition and progressive trends such as digitization and networking. Taskforce CEO Jens Christopher: “At this event, we meet many of our customers dialogue with them in terms of their current and future challenges for us of outstanding value. That’s why we support this important event format. ”


2nd February 2015:

Marketable innovations enable – taskforce engaged in “Spinlab – the HHL Accelerator”

As Associate Manager of the taskforce – Management on Demand AG, Volkmar Halbe is pleased, that the Munich-based company promotes since January 2015, the new Startup Accelerator Program HHL – Leipzig Graduate School of Management settled in the cotton mill Leipzig.

Together with other known sponsors such as Porsche, Postbank, Blue Corporate Finance, the High Tech Start-Up Fund and Axel Springer Plug & Play uW will support financially and in terms of content “Spinlab” Germany’s leading law firm for professional interim and project management. In addition to the annual financial support are searching for investors, the jury work the Business Plan Competition and the International Investors Day as well as the mentorship of Management and Development at the center of the engagement. Together with other jurors select taskforce CEO Lennart Koch and Caspar von Gadow, Head of Business Development, the best ideas and business models. They also provide implementation experienced interim and project manager of the taskforce AG as mentors and advisory boards. You will support the start-up process of marketable put their ideas into practice. Lennart Koch to the objectives of the task force: “We do this because the accelerator concept convinced a combination of economy, science and a better location concept as a taskforce, we want to help shape the increasing digitization of the economy and, not least, our managementskills demonstrated by using exciting cases. ”


14th Januaray 2015:

Volkmar Halbe is a certified ESUG advisor

With the reform of insolvency law by the ESUG completely new possibilities for overcoming crises through a reorganization under the protective umbrella of bankruptcy law have occurred for companies in crisis. But for the professional guidance and preparation, it still lacked the necessary expertise, since many consultants still stuck in the old ways. Therefore, the DIAI (German Institute for Applied Insolvency Law) led again a two-week vocational course “renovation under bankruptcy protection” through. The training is completed with a five-hour exam “Certified ESUG advisor”.

Participants from the professional groups, lawyers, accountants, auditors, consultants and interim managers have now found their special qualifications as ESUG consultants successfully demonstrated. Thus, they conclude in the words of the Chief Director of DIAI, Prof. Dr. Hans Haarmeyer, “a gap in the market and consultants available to interested companies specialized companion available”.

By passing the exam Volkmar Halbe meets all the criteria of the quality label of DIAI and may lead the recognized designation “Certified ESUG advisor”. The vocational course included the economic and legal bases for the restoration of a company under bankruptcy protection after ESUG.

The Seal “Certified ESUG consultant” is initially valid for one year and may be renewed by qualified annual education and training in the field of rehabilitation and insolvency management.


14th January 2015:

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